Word­Press 2.2 上の More Smil­ies がコメント欄の改行をレンダリングしない件

この間2.2に上げてからコメント欄がおかしいなあと思ってフォーラムを見たらコメントに関するフィルタ部分に More Smil­ies が変に介入しちゃったみたいです。



The More Smil­ies 2.1 plu­gin breaks the para­graph format­ting in comments. 

from Word­Press › Sup­port » More Smil­ies Plu­gin Modi­fic­a­tion Needed


It has to do with this code in More Smilies:

# remove filters
remove_filter('comment_text', 'convert_smilies', 20);
remove_filter('the_content', 'convert_smilies');
remove_filter('the_excerpt', 'convert_smilies');
# add filters
add_filter('comment_text', array(&$this, 'convert_smilies'));
add_filter('the_content', array(&$this, 'convert_smilies'));
add_filter('the_excerpt', array(&$this, 'convert_smilies'));

I don’t know how to fix it to shut off the com­ment text fil­ter, if any­one can help that would be won­der­ful. I love this plu­gin but it’s not being sup­por­ted by the author anymore.

from Word­Press › Sup­port » Line breaks not rendered in comments

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