Mer­cedes-Benz Mixed Tape vol. 18 — The last tracks —

Mer­cedes-Benz Mixed Tape vol.18

Mer­cedes-Benz Mixed Tape のニュースレターより引用

The cream of the crop: Mixed Tape 18 with 10 all-time favour­ites from the pop­u­lar com­pil­a­tion series

All good things come to an end – Mixed Tape 18 will be the last com­pil­a­tion in its cur­rent guise. To sweeten the blow, we have com­piled a very spe­cial best-of edi­tion fea­tur­ing 10 high­lights from our well-stocked archives – avail­able free of charge at .

A delect­able dis­til­late of our most prom­ising tal­ents, Mixed Tape 18 throws a spot­light on Nor­way (R&B sing­er Kristin Hild), New Zea­l­and (dub pro­du­cer Tubbs remixed by legendary com­pat­ri­ots Fat Freddy’s Drop), Ger­many (pop won­ders Wag­n­er Love) and the UK (singer/songwriter Bev Lee Harling) to cel­eb­rate the wealth of young artists around the world who pur­sue their own visions.

And while this trip to the past marks the end of a pop­u­lar format, it paves the way for future innovations.
Join us in the for­um to dis­cuss the next gen­er­a­tion of Mixed Tape, sched­uled for an autumn relaunch.

Enjoy the mix!

Your Mer­cedes-Benz Team

Mixed Tape serves as a plat­form for prom­ising new tal­ents who deserve our recog­ni­tion and sup­port. So, if you enjoy our tunes, please for­ward this news­let­ter to your music-lov­ing friends!


Mixed Tape Forum

Mixed Tape 18 will be the last com­pil­a­tion in the cur­rent shape and guise. In order to relaunch with the best pos­sible new fea­tures and format, we invite you to dis­cuss the future of Mixed Tape with the Mixed Tape edit­or­i­al team and fel­low users. Which are your favour­ite fea­tures? Where do you see room for change or improve­ment? Tell us what you think to make Mixed Tape even better.

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Mixed Tape フォーラム
今回配布する Mixed Tape 18 は, Mixed Tape が今のような形式で配布する最後のコンピレーションとなりました。最良のコンテンツと(配布)形式で再開するために,皆さんを Mixed Tape のこれから皆さんと Mixed Tape の編集チーム,フェローユーザを交えてを話し合うフォーラムへご招待します。それはつまり,好ましいのコンテンツや変更または改善されている場をご覧いただけるという事です。是非とも Mixed Tape をより良いものにするためにご意見ご感想をお聞かせ下さい。


  • Do you remem­ber your favour­ite Mixed Tape?(一番好きな Mixed Tape はどれ?)
  • The future of Mixed Tape(Mixed Tape のこれから)
  • Last words(最後に一言)
  • What do you like about Mixed Tape?(Mixed Tape についてどうお考え?)

Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen

Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen 01 Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen 02 Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen 03 Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen 04 Mixed Tape vol.18 Splash Screen 05

Only I can say is thank you Mixed Tape edit­or and Mer­cedes-Benz for send­ing me/us the best tunes. I’m/we’re wait­ing for your relaunch!

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