Mer­cedes-Benz Mixed Tape vol. 15

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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape vol. 15

Mixed Tape 15 now online – the latest urb­an sounds on the move!

Once again, our edit­or­i­al team has picked out the cream of inter­na­tion­al new tal­ents for you to dis­cov­er. Simply vis­it to explore, down­load and enjoy 15 excep­tion­al new releases.

Among the latest crop of inter­na­tion­al new­comers, it is the young­est that cause the biggest splash: While head­liner Ben West­beech enjoys the unan­im­ous respect of London’s radio scene, the not-so-secret future queen of UK gar­age and dub­step, 21-year-old Lady Des­tiny, juggles music with journ­al­ism, col­lege stud­ies and her own radio show. Not to for­get California’s sassy hip-hop duo Diva’s Har­mony, whose young­er half still attends high school. Com­pared to these hyper-tal­en­ted young­sters, Brit­ish duo My Toys Like Me and Nor­we­gi­an sing­er Kristin Hild might seem almost grown-up, yet their uniquely infec­tious soul and pop gems are equally ahead of their peers.

メルセデス ベンツ提供の Mixed Tape の第15弾のリリース。今年最後のリリース。サラッと試聴した感じでは聴き納めに持ってこいな曲だと思います。まだジャケット付きのファイルのダウンロードができてないんですが。相変わらず負荷が高そうだなあ。

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